2022 Bathroom Trends: Statements Welcome

You’ve read about our 2022 Kitchen Trends, this time we are looking at what is hot and here to stay for the bathroom.
Read about the move away from minimalism and into bold personality, the advancement of smart technology in the bathroom, and major spa vibes.

Minimalism is no longer Mandatory

In 2022 interior design choices are all about personality and cohesive design over one-size fits all trends, here are some avenues for expression that are available to you. Remember, this is a guide, not a blueprint, and what matters most is how your bathroom works for you.
We’ve said it before in 2022 Kitchen Trends but the all-white ultramodern look that has dominated the past 10 years of interior design is on its way out. There is still definitely a place and a time for the classic white bathroom, especially if what you’re renovating is not your forever home.
However, the overwhelming emphasis in 2022 will be on warm neutral color schemes and touches of bold personality for the bath.

Statement 1: Eye Candy Fixtures

One of the easiest ways to add some pizazz and personality to your washroom is with high-quality fixtures. Go for brands like Brizo, Kallista, California Faucets, or Axor and look for the fine details.
We love texture like in fluted and knurled faucet levers, and there are plenty of both modern and traditional collections like the options below.

Kallista’s Central Park West collection has a beautiful traditional style with gorgeous small details.

If you’d prefer a modern look, keep a contemporary silhouette and bring in the eye candy by incorporating stone, leather, or more with Axor’s MyEdition.

For an avant garde approach, Brizo has also recently released their Frank Lloyd Wright collection for bath. You can read more about the visionary collection here. The collection is extremely timely as design styles of the 1920’s continue to gain popularity in this decade.

Statement 2: A Return to Nature

Over the past few years we’ve seen more emphasis on natural materials in interior design not only including houseplants and wood inlays but also in natural stone sinks and wall slabs.
Santa Fe based manufacturer Stone Forest has been creating artisanal stone and metal products for the bathroom since 1989, and their Elemental modular vanity system is perfect for those wanting to incorporate more natural materials.
The collection includes solid all-natural stone sink basins of carrera marble or gray limestone, and is complete with textured solid brass legs available in a variety of finishes. The collection is modular and so can be configured to suit both large and small styling spaces.

For an elegant accent wall, a naturalistic stone statement is a must. There are hundreds of colorways of granite, travertine, marble, quartz, porcelain, and soapstone available that can suite any space.
Using a slab that contrasts the rest of the walls or has a stand-out texture or pattern is a great way to make your design pop.

Statement 3: The Future is Now

 One of the most exciting aspects of bathroom design right now are the digital products that make our lives easier. These are state-of-the-art upgrades to take your experience in the restroom to the next level.

Everything at Your Fingertips

 Smart shower controls are essential for controlling any steam, aromatherapy, or music in your new home spa.
We recommend Kohler’s all-in-one DTV+ system if your bathroom has all the features. The digital control center can be controlled through your smartphone in Kohler’s app or using voice control with Kohler Konnect.

Digital Showering for Anyone

 If you are looking for a more streamlined shower experience with user-friendly digital controls, Kohler’s Anthem is a great option.
We’ll cover all the innovations of the Anthem line in their own post, but the collection makes a custom, digital shower experience an option for any showering space.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

 Who is the smartest one of all? We know lighting can make or break your grooming routine, and if you’ve never used a lighted mirror, trust us that it will change the game.
Now, imagine being able to ask your beautiful mirror for the day’s forecast and the current news while you do your usual business. That’s the experience with Kohler’s Verdera Voice mirrors and medicine cabinets with built-in Amazon Alexa.

Statement 4: A Spa and Oasis

 During all the craziness and transition of the past two years, we’ve learned how to value our time at home more than ever. This holds true in the bathroom as well. What we are seeing in 2022’s remodels are features that bring wellness to another level.

Soothing Tubs

 The best way to make your master bath an oasis is a freestanding tub. The most important feature a tub can have is plenty of room to relax in, but most are available with jet functionality as an upgrade.
While freestanding tubs require a larger room, they also instantly elevate your space and give you a great opportunity to make a design statement.
There are a wide variety of tub styles available, like the traditional claw-foot tub Cheshire from Victoria+Albert.

BainUltra’s BeOne japanese-style soaking tub is for serious bathers.
With air jets and the circular design, BeOne offers a powerful and unique massage.

It’s All in the Lighting

 One part of your bathroom that often gets overlooked is the lighting. You need a lot of light when using your styling space, but less in other areas of the room. An easy way to have lighting only when and where you need it is built-in lighting, like lighted mirrors and medicine cabinets.
We also love sconces like the Kraga collection to the left by Kohler.
Pro tip: Having your light source next to – rather than above – the mirrors allows for more flattering illumination for your face.

Spoil Yourself with Steam

 It’s not only the design that makes your bathroom a spa; it’s also the features. We love steam showers but they are not a diy project. Because they have specific waterproofing requirements a bath renovation is a perfect chance to create a personal sauna of your own.
Many steam systems can also infuse the steam with aromatherapy essential oils like eucalyptus, lavender, and more. Who doesn’t need extra relaxation in 2022?
What are your thoughts on these 2022 bathroom trends? Would you rather keep the classic minimalism that’s been such a force the past few years, or do you think it’s time for a change?
Ready to bring your bathroom out of the past and into the present? Shop everything you need for your new oasis at Studio41, or plan your remodel with your contractor on TradeConnect.

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