What’s Really IN for Kitchens – 2022

Trends come and go, but kitchens are forever. What are the real design musts for a modern kitchen that WON’T go out of style in the next ten years? Here’s a hint: it’s designing for your needs and tastes, not just what looks good on the cover of the magazines.
Cookie cutters belong in the kitchen, but your kitchen shouldn’t be cookie-cutter
Unique design is the name of the game and is here to stay. From colorful cabinets to mixing metals, plus organization solutions built perfect for you and your needs, there are more options than ever for remodeling your kitchen.
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Bye Monochrome, Hello Colors and Tones

To start with what might be a sore subject for some, we’re going to talk about alternatives to the standard minimalist-white kitchen. While white cabinets are never out, there is less of a minimalist expectation for new renovations in 2022. Instead of choosing the one size fits all white, more homeowners are opting to create something unique that suits their particular style preferences and needs.
Wood grain cabinets have been a mainstay in kitchens for generations. It’s only recently that white has become the mode of modern renovations, and let’s be honest, it’s not always the right choice for every space. In the right kitchen it brings an airy and open feel, in the wrong space it feels basic and like a rental property. For traditional and transitional kitchens, (that is anything that is not super modern) wood grain cabinets add to a warm, lived-in space and make a house feel like home.
Using a contrasting island color can help create a subtle, classy, and fresh feel to the kitchen space. Dark, moody greens and deep turbulent blues pair perfectly with wood grain cabinets and create a complex color story. Or, keep things light and airy with true blue and white cabinetry. The key is that you’re choosing the palette that’s right for your home.
Remember, you don’t need to model your home after the magazines, but you can take inspiration and push the boundaries of your home’s design.

Custom Storage Solutions

We know it’s not all about looks in the kitchen. Maybe the hardest-working room in the house, the kitchen sees more spills, chops, and clutter than we may want to admit. Luckily we have the wonders of modern engineering available for an upgrade. While there are enough options to take a whole blog post, here are some of the main ones:

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Built-in Spice Racks

If you’re anything like us, you scramble to find the spices you know you have somewhere every time you cook.
Save the search and rescue for the coast guard and use built-in spice racks to store your oregano, chili powder, and more cleanly and beautifully. Then, find what you need exactly when you need it, no flashlight required.

Pull-Down Shelving

Do you hate having to pull out the stepladder just to grab the utensil you need?
Pull down shelves eliminate the need for a big, clunky stepladder and make your kitchen more accessible and pleasant.
Just open the doors, pull the shelving down to you, and tadaa! no reaching required.

Orginizing Pull-Outs

Have you ever seen a professional organizer at work? It’s all about every item in your home having a designated place.
Sorting your knives, forks, and spoons is a no-brainer, but how often have you scrounged through your miscellaneous drawers looking for the bottle opener?
Your kitchen extras deserve to be sorted as well. Separate the measuring cups from the corkscrews by adding built-in drawer compartments.

Toe-Kick Drawer

 What if we told you there’s a secret storage space in your kitchen you’re not using at all?
We’re talking about beneath your cabinets. Install a toe-kick drawer for a drawer that magically pops out when you press it.
The drawers are flat and wide, perfect for cookie sheets, pans, and tupperware lids.

Lazy Susans

You may have used thesewhile eating dim-sum at a big round table, but instead of helping you reach your dumplings adding a lazy susan to your cabinetry can save you from rummaging through your heavy pots and pans.
Yes, these might be the long sought for solution for organized pots,pans and tupperware.
The days of  getting on your hands and knees to reach the back of the corner cabinets are over, just rotate the inner shelf and get cooking!

A New Approach to Finishes: Mixing Metals

 Look, we love a matching kitchen. We love chrome everything, satin nickel everything, brass everything. It’s tried and true, it’s sophisticated, its easy.
But! Don’t you dream of living in a little bit of luxury? A little bit of avant-garde design?
 Mix those metals. You can pair a brass kitchen faucet with matte black hardware for a show stopping centerpiece, or nickel hardware with a brass faucet for a bit of rustic appeal. You can also mix metals within the faucet itself, with faucets like Kohler’s Tone and Brizo’s Litze collection.
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A New Dawn – For Quartz Countertops

If we’re being honest, a good quartz countertop looks just like a classic granite but better. Manufactured quartz is actually more structurally solid than granite and concrete, which means no chipping or cracking.
Granite has a place, there is a reason it used to be the standard in the kitchen, but in this blog’s humble opinion quartz is the superior countertop material. Quartz is nonporous, resists staining, easy to clean, and extremely durable. Since they are a manufactured countertop, they are not only less expensive but there are so many more color and pattern options.

Want to learn more? See our own EJ Silver talk about these trends on WGN.
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