Top Ten 2023 Bathroom and Kitchen Design Trends

If you are renovating this year, you need to know these ten 2023 Bathroom and Kitchen Design Trends . With the push against minimalism coming to a head and an influx of golden age inspired faucet and cabinetry design, your dream space might look different now than it did ten years ago. Below are the biggest changes in home design for 2023.

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10. Personal touches pushing the boundary

After 2022’s designs saw the continued fall of minimalism and all-white, sterile looking rooms, and 2023 is set to raise the bar to heighten the personalization of our spaces. Rather than creating for a renter or a realtor, smart homeowners and designers alike are prioritizing customization, quality, and color. Visionary, leading edge products like the Kohler Suspend ceiling-mounted faucet that literally turns your kitchen sink on its head bring your personality and style into your kitchen while surprising visitors.

9. The Open floor plan is dead, long live Open-ish floor plans.

Also in contrast to the previous decade’s minimalism is a growing desire for modular, specialized spaces within the home rather than the ubiquitous open floor plan. This doesn’t mean a return to completely separated living and cooking areas, but instead designers are embracing the ease of openness as well as noise control with larger transition openings between the dedicated living and cooking areas. By creating more intentional walkways between different areas of the home you can enjoy less noise pollution from living spaces in the kitchen and more visual focus in each area.

8. Maximalism

maximalist bathroom with elegant gold faucets

Along with personal touches and more separation between living areas, in 2023 we are going to see more major styling decisions being made to personalize a space rather than conform to a renter-friendly basic palette. Colorful rooms with their own unique identity have already seen a comeback with statement wallpaper, tubs, and more. Along with the big statements, subtle artisanal touches are a must as well for maximalism, and you can expect to see more ornate fixtures and hardware in the kitchen and bath, like Moen’s Belfield collection.

7. Mid Century Modern with a 2023 twist

hansgrohe locarno kitchen

We see trends in the popular clothing cycle every few decades, and the same can be seen in home design on a grander scale. While Generation Z is rediscovering 90’s fashion, on-trend designers and homeowners are looking to art and design of the 20’s and 30’s for inspiration. Kohler’s newest collection, Occasion, celebrates the Golden Age of Hollywood with elegant, glamorous curves and a gold and black two tone finish on the fixtures. Gessi also offers a 20’s inspired design in the Venti20 collection.

6. A Prairie Style Renaissance

brizo frank lloyd wright

Along with references to 20’s and 30’s design is a renewed appreciation for the Prairie Style architectural movement begun by Frank Lloyd Wright. We’ve covered Brizo’s groundbreaking Frank Lloyd Wright collection in depth in a previous article and we expect the collection will continue to make waves with its bold design statements like cantilevered spouts and wood inlay.

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5. Organic Shapes

fairmont designs live edge

While the contemporary designs of old focused on sleek, minimal styles, today’s in-the-know consumers are gravitating to products with more flow and organic imperfections that enhance rather than dampen the space’s impression. Painting over eye-catching, imperfect, and organic wood grain is now sometimes seen as a waste of quality product. Fairmont Design’s Live Edge suite of vanities embrace a natural irregular edge for an elevated look.

4. Embracing Nature

In addition to organic shapes, more designers are embracing nature in their designs and materials. Natural stone tubs and basins like those from Stone Forest add an appealing and long-lasting statement to any bathroom. Stone Forest has been creating artisanal stone and metal products for the bathroom since 1989, and their Elemental modular vanity system is perfect for both large and small spaces with a modular design compete with carrera marble or gray limestone sink basins and solid brass construction

3. Sustainability and Efficiency

In addition to appreciating nature-inspired designs and natural materials, nature is also honored with environmental thoughtfulness. With the continued impacts of climate chaos, the conscientious homeowner will keep in mind how their decisions can lessen their environmental impact. Low flow fixtures are already required in many states, and are recommended in most. Because of the engineering breakthroughs of fixture manufacturers, these low flow options function nearly identically to the high flow alternatives.

2. Better Materials

quartz countertop

Granite has a place, there is a reason it used to be the standard in the kitchen, but in this blog’s humble opinion quartz is the superior countertop material. Quartz is nonporous, resists staining, easy to clean, and extremely durable. Since they are a manufactured countertop, they are not only less expensive but there are so many more color and pattern options. If we’re being honest, a good quartz countertop looks just like a classic granite but better. Manufactured quartz is actually more structurally solid than granite and concrete, which means no chipping or cracking.

1. Technology as a helper

As designers look to past decades for inspiration, the future still comes hurtling towards us with improved AI voice responsive technology, motion sensing faucets, and more becoming a permanent fixture in our homes rather than purely for commercial spaces. The majority of modern kitchen renovations include a motion sense or smart faucet and users come to expect the ease of use in every home they enter.
Along with technology advancements that make our lives easier, there are also many applications where technology makes a home more safe and secure. One example of this is thermostatic valves, which can be set in such a way to prevent scalding temperature water but still allow safely hot showers.

house of rohl bathroom

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