Time to get excited about digital showering? New Anthem by Kohler

In March of this year Kohler announced their latest entry in the smart shower game, the Anthem digital control. Combined with the accompanying Statement fixtures, Kohler creates a sleek and appealing design that can find itself at home in any modern upscale showering space.
Claimed to be “ A comprehensive collection that can be specified and installed anywhere in the world.” by Kohler, Anthem is the new apex of Kohler’s visionary design and development team.
Today we’ll be breaking down what we know about the new system and here’s a spoiler: it might be time to get excited about digital showers.


While Anthem is a successor in some ways to the Digital Thermostatic Valve system Kohler debuted in 2011, Kohler’s goal with Anthem seems to be less focused pushing the boundaries of what technology can do in the bathroom, and more on perfecting it. 
Instead of overloading the user with controls for the whole room, Anthem focuses on the experience in the shower and keeps the controls sleek and user-friendly. Anthem can also be controlled with with Kohler’s proprietary Kohler Konnect app, which syncs with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to customize your experience without lifting a finger.

The wall-mounted control center can control up to six outlets independently with digital or mechanical buttons that use universal iconography for a showering experience that doesn’t need a user’s manual. The thermostatic dial control sets your desired temperature and keeps the water temperature steady throughout your shower.
And because even high-tech thermostatic controls need a moment to receive hot water through the pipes, Anthem has an optional remote on/off switch that can install neatly to the outside of a shower enclosure or wetroom to get your shower nice and comfortable for you before you step in – no icy waiting required.

Anthem is also compatible with Kohler’s Kohler Konnect app which allows users access to five pre-set hydrotherapy experiences designed to relax or invigorate. Here are Kohler’s descriptions of the therapies:
WAKE UP Sprays begin at a pleasant, midrange temperature, easing the user into the experience. Warmth gently increases throughout the shower, creating an inviting and comfortable environment to start the day.
SHINE/TONE The experience begins with a gentle warmth, ideal for showering. After seven minutes, the temperature will slowly decrease to help lock in moisture for the skin and hair.
WARM UP The sprays open at a midrange warmth ideal for showering. The temperature will gently increase, allowing the body to warm up gradually and avoid overheating. After this invigorating period, the sprays will cool back to the original temperature.
COOL DOWN Sprays begin at a pleasant, midrange warmth, easing the user into the experience. The water temperature will then slowly decrease until it reaches the ideal point for cooling down. After this restorative period, the sprays will return to a comfortable warmth for showering.
SLEEP SIMPLE The shower opens at a comfortable, midrange warmth. After four minutes, the water will slowly cool to a neutral temperature, relaxing the body in preparation for sleep.

Anthem and Statement Design

The Anthem and Statement collections hit a sweet spot in minimalism and transitional design that make them at home in nearly any bathroom and are available in a wide array of long-lasting finishes.
Kohler offers these in chrome, matte black, polished and brushed nickel, brushed brass, french gold, rose gold, and brushed bronze, coordinating well with Kohler’s other products and creating a unified palette for your bathroom.

With the transitional design and wide array of finishes, the Anthem and Statement showering combination is extremely versatile and can suit a wide variety of bath spaces.
With up to 6 outputs, Anthem can control multiple showerheads, rain showers, handshowers, and body sprays independently and without cluttering the design with multiple transfer valves on the wall.

For smaller spaces Kohler offers a column kit, which features an exposed thermostatic valve that also acts as a small storage shelf.
This compact configuration creates a luxurious showering space without sacrificing the rainhead and handshower functionality.

In Conclusion

We’ve seen many brands, including Kohler, take a stab at the Smart Showering concept. It seems inevitable that someone will hit the sweet spot in ease of installation, warranty, and actual usability. We’ve seen the advances in kitchen faucets, home, and even toilets, but will the Kohler Anthem finally be the game changer that takes the technology mainstream?
With the straightforward functionality of Anthem and the versatile design of Statement, Kohler’s latest in digital bathing is extremely accessible and an easy choice for new construction and bathroom renovations.

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