Best 10 Bathroom Remodel Ideas for 2023

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Are you remodeling your bathroom in 2023 or 2024? These are our favorite bathroom remodel ideas to get you started this December. From artful jacuzzi bathtubs to smart toilets, there are a lot of possibilities for your new space.

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Remodel Idea 10: Clean Checkmate

Bathroom Remodel Ideas 1. Kohler Hydrorail and artifacts?

Gut renovations are the perfect time to make big changes – like swapping your standard white toilet or tub for a black one. This take on a classic black and white bathroom adds a twist with checkerboard floor tile, a jet black Kathryn toilet and golden fixtures and accessories. The stately alcove tub is also black, paired with a golden Kohler Hydrorail shower system.

Pro tip: Exposed shower columns and retrofit kits like this are great for upgrading your current shower WITHOUT having to reinstall your in-wall valves.

Remodel Idea 9: Two-tone Black and White bathrooms

Bathroom Remodel Ideas 2. Hansgrohe Locarno

The Black and white look is perfect for those looking for classic minimalism with a fresh retro twist. This bathroom features matte black fixtures from the Hansgrohe Locarno collection, a collection inspired by the art deco designs of the 1920’s and 30’s with hexagonal motifs and elegant curves. Those art deco fixtures are supported by the busy floor tile of this room adding interest, as well as the white subway tile giving visual breathing room. A light gray vanity and tub cover complete the look with neutral tones to keep the focus on the fixtures.

Remodel Idea 8: A Pop of Color

Bathroom Remodel Ideas 3. Moen Doux ts6925_ts2201_yb0286ch-3887ep_set1

While a classy monochromatic look is unlikely to go out of style, more and more homeowners and designers are embracing a pop of color in otherwise neutral rooms. In this bathroom we see a bright green vanity perfectly complimented by a mosaic floor tile and art-deco style wallpaper. The look is complete with a perfectly seamless walk in shower from Moen’s Doux collection.

Remodel Idea 7: Classic Elegance

Bathroom Remodel Ideas 4. Delta Dorval

This elegantly classic bathroom takes familiar forms like claw-foot tubs and pedestal sinks and brings them into a more contemporary scene. Pairing that traditional style with transitional shower, sink, and bath fixtures keeps the room from feeling archaic or old fashioned. The look is completed by a low threshold walk in shower with a statement stone, and a separate water closet.

Remodel Idea 6: Freestanding Hydrotherapy

Bathroom Remodel Ideas 5. bainultra nokori

Bain Ultra tubs are perfect for those looking for jacuzzi style massages while keeping an elevated and cohesive design in their bathrooms. The Nokori tub pictured above is available with Hydro-thermo massage, colorful, Chromatherapy, and warming Thermotherapy. Mosaic tile and artful window shading help enhance the spa-like experience right at home.

Spa Experience for One (or two); Bubbles and jets aren’t only for jacuzzis- many space-efficient one and two-person tubs from brands like Kohler or BainUltra offer massaging jet upgrades for a spa experience. 

Remodel Idea 5: Floating Serenity

Bathroom Remodel Ideas 6. Grohe Eurocube

This sage green modern bathroom uses a wall-mount vanity to reduce visual clutter and maintain an extremely serene atmosphere. Featuring a wall-length mirror and sleek Grohe Eurocube faucets, sinks, and toilet, this is one bathroom you would not mind taking your time in.

Remodel Idea 4: Deeply Luxurious

Bathroom Remodel Ideas 7. kohler occasion and Eir intelligent toilet

This is our first entry with an intelligent toilet, and the position is well earned. The Kohler Eir has automatic opening and closing, seat heating, bidet functionality, a built-in deodorizer, and more. The modern seat fits right in with the golden-age inspired bathroom with black and gold floor tile, dark built in cabinetry, and a freestanding tub that fits two people. The fixtures are black and gold Kohler Occasion faucets that complement the room’s elevated design.

Remodel Idea 3: Alpine Harmony

Bathroom Remodel Ideas 8. Delta Pivotal

This roomy bathroom pairs neutral tiles, matte black Delta Pivotal fixtures, and rich natural wood patterns to create a cozy and harmonious experience that wouldn’t be out of place in a fine alpine resort. Thoughtfully, the skylights and high windows ensure bathers’ privacy and gives the space a relaxing and welcoming feel while also bringing in natural light.

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Remodel Idea 2: Elevated Industrial

Bathroom Remodel Ideas 9. Graff Bali

In the most successful juxtaposition of the century exposed brick and polished gold come together in this showering space to bring a brand new feel to industrial design. Complete with faux-concrete tile and delicate lighting, this Graff Bali shower is perfectly edgy and elegant at the same time.

Remodel Idea 1: Living Romance

Bathroom Remodel Ideas 10. vanda acqui

Wonderfully feminine and classic, this bathroom embraces archetypal claw foot tubs and pedestal sinks to breathe romance into the bathroom. Herringbone tile and traditional chrome Rohl Acqui fixtures reinforce a dreamy feel to this gorgeous space.

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