Shipping Guide

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At TradeConnect, we do not charge handling fees and pass on third-party shipping charges without markup. We no longer estimate shipping fees because of fluctuating shipping costs. After you complete your purchase, we find the lowest cost shipping option and process the shipping charge with your approval. The shipping guide below gives you a range of expected costs for UPS or common carrier shipping. Final costs will be provided by your TradeConnect Expert when your order has been placed.

UPS Shipping

Non-Fragile parcels sent through postal service. All delivery charges are per shipment.

UPS Ground

$30 – $45 per box
For non-fragile items under 50 lbs. that can flt in a 40x 19x 12 in box.

Oversized UPS

$125 per box
For non-fragile items over 50 lbs. OR larger than 40x 19x 12in box. Example: 60″ shower curtain rod

Common Carrier LTL Shipping

Skids of product for a full project or large product. Use this as an estimate, actual quote of shipment will be given 24 hours before ship date. Shipping charges change every 24 hours. All delivery charges are per shipment.

Common Carrier

est. $350 – $700
Additional Skid $100 each

What fits on a skid?

Regular Skid
1 tub; 4 toilets; 12 bathroom sinks; 42in. vanity with top; faucets, trim, and accessories for 2-3 bathrooms.
Oversized Skid
48″ vanity with top. Items over 5ft long.

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