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these aren’t typical projects, why use a typical platform? we’re proud to offer a resource developed by the trade, for the trade. we know this business. we’re here to deliver the service you need, when and where you need it.
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the trade connect advantage

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project management

collaborate with our trade connect experts to manage complex projects. invite team members, manage orders, upload documents, and organize product selections into groups for a streamlined workflow.

exclusive trade pricing

receive exclusive trade pricing on every product from every brand.

dedicated product

your dedicated trade connect expert will assist you as much or as little as you need during the selection, verification, and delivery process.

real time
order visibility

view the current status of any order associated with your account. see shipping + payment updates in real time. access tracking information as it becomes available.

real time
product inventory

view current product inventory for any product on our website. sort products in our shop by most in-stock. see where products are being inventoried, in chicago or arizona, for quick shipping or local pickup.

custom client

create project portfolios with pricing you set based on a percentage of list price, or choose to hide it all together. generate detailed order invoices for easy account management.

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collaborative project management

create a project framework
• name your project
• invite team members
• designate team roles + visibility into project components
• upload project documents
• add products to groups
submit for review
submit project for review by trade connect expert who will:
• add items required with your selections for installation
• reject items incompatible with your project
• suggest optional items you might like
• add comments to your project to explain review
when you receive your reviewed project, you can:
• accept or reject items added to your project
• add comments to project for a complete specification history

exclusive trade pricing

exclusive trade pricing
we will work with you to determine your individual discount that only you can see when you are logged in

dedicated product experts

personalized support
when you register for trade connect, you will be assigned a trade connect expert who will quickly learn how you like to shop and manage your projects. you will have direct access to her during regular business hours.

real time order visibility

meticulous order detail
• view delivery status of each item as it’s processed
• view shipping methods + tracking
• view items in each shipment
• most up-to-date status available from all carriers
initiate returns
initiate returns from within each generation of any order.
once returns are received and processed, your order will
be updated to reflect new status.

real time product inventory

up-to-date inventory tables
get real time product inventory for every product on our website. view in-stock quantities for different finishes of the product you selected. see which warehouse is carrying your item.

customizable client presentations

project + order portfolio
generate professional product portfolios
• customize pricing or choose not to display it
• display with or without product numbers
order invoice
create a detailed order invoice with generational
order details including payments and returns
spec book
generate a coalated spec book with specs for every
product in your project, organized into groups with
a table of contents and summary