10 Reasons You Need a Kitchen & Bath Showroom for Your Renovation

So, you’re ready to renovate. Congratulations! Working with a physical or digital showroom can make it easier and give you better support in the future. There are all kinds of benefits to renovation, like updated technology, better accessibility, as well as increased home value. We’ve already covered current trends and how to get started renovating, but whether you already have an installer booked or not you should source your project from a kitchen and bath showroom instead of a big box store – here’s 10 reasons why.
When you work with us online, in person, or with your contractor on TradeConnect. please take all of your measurements beforehand to ensure a perfect fit. Check out our Curated Collection Catalog for more product recommendations.
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1. No Intimidation

The first reason to work with a home design showroom like Studio41 is to take the guesswork and intimidation out of the process. Most homeowners only renovate about every 10 years, so a lot can change between updates not only in technology but also in the renovation and building industry. Because of this it may be intimidating to get started, but showrooms have specialized knowledge – not only about the products you need but also about the renovation process, and are happy to lend their expertise to your project. Showrooms are open to everyone and can assist with a wide variety of home types and source a wide variety of products, so anyone can take advantage of the benefits.

2. Product Expertise

Most people have some knowledge about how the items in their home work, but kitchen & bath showroom staff have specialized knowledge about plumbing, cabinetry, fixtures, tile, and more. The experts that work here are able to speak about the longevity of items and make recommendations that perfectly suit your needs.
For example, if you try to select materials for your renovation yourself you will only have the information the manufacturer offers on their website. In contrast, if you work with an expert like the ones at Studio41 your salesperson will have the experience to know what brands and collections have the best longevity and will stay functional and beautiful in your house for many years to come. The best part is that this advice is complimentary.

3. Product Support, Forever

waterstone faucets in a Studio41 showroom
After the expertise on the sales floor before purchase, there is also the lasting support from the showroom you buy from. To start, every order is shipped to you labeled by room for easy preparation. If any questions come up on the job site our dedicated team of Product Technical Specialists are here to help. After installation, the showroom is also able to help with any warranty claims and many wear-and-tear issues. One universal rule of renovations is something will go wrong, but with customer support from a trusted showroom your risk is greatly minimized.

4. Better Products

Did you know that most plumbing and cabinetry brands have higher quality items than you can see at big box stores? These higher quality lines, like Kallista (sister company to Kohler) and Brizo (sister company to Delta) are available only at kitchen and bath showrooms that have a proven track record of excellent service AND a good relationship with the manufacturer. For you, the buyer, this means longer warranties and a wider selection of products made of better materials.
There are also showroom-exclusive designs like Artos’s Trova collection only available through Studio41.

5. Custom Options

customization options for Axor MyEdition bathroom faucet
If you have a vision for your newly renovated kitchen or bath but nothing on the showroom floor fits into that vision then you may need something more bespoke, made custom for your particular needs. Nearly any type of item can be customized, including but not limited to bathtubs, vanities, countertops, and even faucets.

6. Better Pricing

Bain Ultra Beone Japanese-style bath
Because of the higher quality of products offered in Kitchen & Bath showrooms, there is a misconception that the price point will be much higher than sourcing your items from a big box store. In reality showrooms cater to most budgets. Because you’re working with a human being instead of a catalog, your sales person can recommend brands and collections that account for your budget.

7. Trade Discounts

On top of the personalized recommendations, showrooms offer extra discounts for trade professionals since they are more likely to buy multiple projects from the store. You can claim these savings too just by working with your contractor or designer to order on TradeConnect, in Studio41 Showrooms, or on ShopStudio41.com.

8. Price Matching

Brizo Invari bathroom Faucet
Nobody wants to overpay for their renovation. Luckily you can rest easy knowing that most showrooms, including digital showrooms like TradeConnect, price match to their competitors. Just bring a record of an advertised price and your salesperson will help you get the best deal.

9. Invested in Your Renovation Success

Another great feature of working with a digital or physical showroom is that the salesperson helping you with your project is genuinely invested in helping to make your renovation a success. They are happy to help with questions at any point in the renovation, and even years down the line can help with warranty claims and issues.

10. Industry Expertise

This is the number one reason to work with a Studio41 Home Design Showroom digitally or in person. We have been helping homeowners, contractors, designers, and architects finish jobs for over 45 years and it shows in our staff’s product knowledge. All of our experts are extensively trained to help you with product selection and care, so we know exactly which upgrades are worth it and which aren’t.

Studio41 Salesperson Caleigh helping showroom visitors
Whether you make an appointment for our brick & mortar stores or you work with us online, you have our full attention and our dedication to your project. Get started by making an appointment to visit us in Chicago and Scottsdale or by signing up for our online showroom TradeConnect by Studio41 today.

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